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The Adventures of Dave and Becky
'In  Search of the Haunted Gold Mine'

In this fun and educational video, Dave and Becky are reporters for the hottest children’s newspaper in the country, "The Daily Adventure." Their assignment is to investigate rumors about a haunted gold mine located deep in the woods. The entire family will learn the do’s and don’ts of safe camping as well as survival tips and protecting the environment.

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One of our most recent children's products is called The Adventures of Dave and Becky. In this educational real life adventure series, reporters Dave and Becky travel the world to learn about different lifestyles and history. In each episode they have a grand adventure and solve a mystery. Two episodes have been completed in this series. Titles Include: In Search of The Haunted Gold Mine and In Search of Pirate Treasure.

Dave Hood personally writes, directs, and stars in all DHE's children's product. Our children's movies always have high family values, never display violence or sex, and are always educational. Made for children from 2 years of age to 12, these videos are fun for the whole family.

You can trust our videos, toys & clothing to always be the highest quality and kid tested! Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed with our 30 day money back refund policy!

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